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Walmart Will Expand On The Number Of EV Charging Stations By The End Of The Year

As the number of electric vehicles grow, it also means that there needs to be more charging stations created. This is because unlike gas stations which can be commonly found, EV charging stations still aren’t quite as ubiquitous yet. There have been major improvements made over the years, but we reckon that there’s still a […]

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Tesla’s Upcoming Pickup Truck Could Outperform A Porsche 911

In the world of electric cars, Tesla’s vehicles stand out namely due to their design, in which they sport very futuristic and sporty looks. They are also known for their performance where Tesla’s electric cars have helped dispel the myths that suggests that electric cars will never be as fast as regular gas-powered cars. Advertising […]

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Ferrari’s fastest production car is an electric hybrid

When Ferrari’s hybrid-electric LaFerrari debuted in 2013, the idea of a hybrid Ferrari, even one with 950 horsepower, seemed antithetical to the idea of the snorting prancing horse from Maranello. The necessity of electric assistance has since become accepted, both to achieve higher performance and to permit vehicles to operate in European cities that restrict […]

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