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Ten Tips for Aging with Depression

Long-term struggles with depression, if those have been present, exhaust a person’s resources and strength. Fatigue is a major indicator of depression though the right doctor can make the diagnosis and separate symptoms from the true cause or causes. Misdiagnoses or reluctance about seeking treatment might mask what is going on, especially if a patient […]

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She’s 91 and Is Being Kicked Out of Her Apartment

Gabrielle Wagner, 91, moved into the Riverview Senior Independent Living facility last April after her identical twin, whom she had lived with, died in 2018. She had been lonely and the modern apartment tower in Hell’s Kitchen felt less like assisted living and more like a comfortable community for active seniors where she could live […]

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Medicare’s Part D Doughnut Hole Has Closed! Mostly. Sorta.

With the new decade comes this long-awaited milestone: the Medicare Part D doughnut hole has closed. Two cheers. More than 61 million Americans are Medicare beneficiaries, and about 46 million of those are enrolled in Part D. The doughnut hole, more formally called the coverage gap, has been one of Part D’s more detested features […]

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