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Border Wall Falls Leave Migrants With Devastating — and Costly — Injuries

Ambulances rush them daily to hospitals in El Paso, San Diego and Tucson, Ariz., writhing in pain — bones poking out of arms and legs; skulls cracked; spines shattered. The men and women arrive on stretchers flanked by an agent in the telltale green uniform of the U.S. Border Patrol. “One look, and I know […]

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Influx of Migrants Without Money or Connections Strains El Paso, Texas

The city of El Paso, a West Texas way station long accustomed to migrants arriving from Mexico, has begun to buckle under the pressure of thousands upon thousands of people coming over the border, day after day. The usual shelters have been filled. So too have the hundreds of hotel rooms wrangled by the city […]

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Unlawful Border Crossings Are Rising Fast After a Brief Decline

Unlawful crossings along the Southern border have reached levels not seen for several months, straining government resources and taxing some local communities where large numbers of migrants have been released from federal custody. There were more than 8,000 arrests on Monday, according to Brandon Judd, the head of the union that represents Border Patrol agents. […]

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