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Chinese Hackers Stole 60,000 State Dept. Emails in Breach Reported in July

Chinese hackers who gained access to the email accounts of Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and other government officials this year stole 60,000 emails from the State Department alone, according to two people familiar with a briefing Senate staff members received on the matter Wednesday. The emails came from 10 State Department email accounts, department officials […]

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First Batch of Biden Emails Undercuts G.O.P. Claims

When House Republicans pressing to impeach President Biden discovered that the government had redacted emails in which he had used aliases to communicate while he was vice president, they demanded to see the full copies, alleging a cover-up of explosive evidence of wrongdoing. Even Democrats were alarmed about the content of the correspondence, Representative James […]

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Google’s Bard Just Got More Powerful. It’s Still Erratic.

This week, Bard — Google’s competitor to ChatGPT — got an upgrade. One interesting new feature, called Bard Extensions, allows the artificial intelligence chatbot to connect to a user’s Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive accounts. (Google also gave Bard the ability to search YouTube, Google Maps and a few other Google services, and it […]

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