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Freeman Dyson’s Quest for Eternal Life

In 1979, Freeman Dyson came up with a plan to live forever. There was no fanciful elixir. It was not a matter of theological speculation. Mr. Dyson was, for all his eccentric, maverick tendencies, a theoretical physicist — one of the most brilliant and insightful of his age. In a mathematically rigorous manuscript, sprinkled with […]

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Freeman Dyson, Visionary Technologist, Is Dead at 96

Freeman J. Dyson, a mathematical prodigy who left his mark on subatomic physics before turning to messier subjects like Earth’s environmental future and the morality of war, died on Friday at a hospital near Princeton, N.J. He was 96. His daughter Mia Dyson confirmed the death. As a young graduate student at Cornell in 1949, […]

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