Tag: Driver Distraction and Fatigue

Yes, Texting While Walking Is Relatively Safe. (But Still Annoying.)

If you have crossed a street in a major city recently, the odds are good that you have bumped into someone staring at a phone. Perhaps your eyes were also locked on your phone at the time. Maybe they are on the screen as you cross the street right now. (If so, look up! This […]

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Cyclist Deaths in New York City: Accident or Crime?

When Umar Baig barreled through a red light at a terrifying speed and T-boned an S.U.V., sending it flying across the street into José Alzorriz, a cyclist, the moment was caught on dashboard cameras in Brooklyn. Mr. Alzorriz, 52, a bike-safety enthusiast from Spain, had just rolled up to the traffic light on the opposite […]

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The High Price of Multitasking

Not only do smartphones provide unprecedented access to information, they provide unprecedented opportunities to multitask. Any activity can be accompanied by music, selfies or social media updates. Of course, some people pick poor times to tweet or text, and lawmakers have stepped in. Forty-eight states have banned texting while driving. In Honolulu, it’s illegal to […]

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