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Taylor Swift’s Heartbreak Dreamscape, and 9 More New Songs

[embedded content] Taylor Swift is officially a grown-up now; she’s 30. She has a past, personal and historical. She offers perspective on her eighth album, “Folklore”: somber and pensive with the producer Aaron Dessner (from the National) and slightly more banging but still somber with the producer Jack Antonoff. Her gift for capturing a moment […]

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You May Not Know These 15 Songs. But You’ve Heard Them.

“Sampling Is (a) Creative or (b) Theft,” read a New York Times headline in 1997, summarizing a debate that has raged ever since songs started incorporating parts of other songs. The truth? It’s a little of both, and that’s what’s so fun about it. Nowadays the theft is in a “great artists steal” sense — […]

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