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This Cute Lil Guy Survived a 15-Car Pileup and Five Days Alone in the Woods

Obi. Photo supplied by Tanya Cassell Pardy. This article originally appeared on VICE Canada. Some survival stories have unexpected protagonists. Obi, the small Newfoundland shih tzu who somehow survived a massive pileup on a highway and being stranded outside in a bitterly cold forest rampant with coyotes for five days last week, is one of […]

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Woman Finds Drunk Guy Sleeping in Her Dog’s Bed, Is Surprisingly Chill About It

It happens to the best of us: You’re out having a few drinks with friends, and then a few becomes a few too many, and suddenly you’re dragging your body out of bed at 11 AM with a debilitating hangover and reckoning with a string of shitfaced Amazon Prime purchases. But there are the sloppy […]

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