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Where Dessert Is Much More Than an Afterthought

LOS ANGELES — Birdie G’s has been open for just a few weeks in Santa Monica, but already, with the outsize confidence of every dollar-slice shop in New York City, the menu refers to its rose-petal pie as “world famous.” The slice appears to be modeled on the great, jiggly cathedral window cakes that dominate […]

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Before She Wrote Cookbooks, Maida Heatter Created Hit Recipes for The Times

It’s not hard to see why: It’s a groan-inducing glory of a dessert, with a dense chocolate base topped with frothy chocolate mousse and crowned with whipped cream. It was a clever trick that Ms. Heatter (whose full name is pronounced MAY-da HEAT-er) landed upon during all of those recipe try-outs: Make a batch of […]

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Maida Heatter, Cookbook Writer and the ‘Queen of Cake,’ Dies at 102

Maida Heatter, whose cookbooks with recipes for star-spangled banana cake, brown sugar icing and other dessert fare earned her the nickname “the Queen of Cake,” died on Thursday at her home in Miami Beach, Fla. She was 102. Her publisher, Little, Brown and Company, announced her death. Ms. Heatter (pronounced HEAT-er) had an early career […]

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