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Psychology Around the Net: August 8, 2020

Stay well, friends! To Bond With Nature, Kids Need Solitary Activities Outdoors: A new study finds that solitary activities (thinking hunting, fishing, and just hiking around and exploring) are perfect for children to build strong bonds with nature. Not only do these kinds of activities help children enjoy being outside, but also they help children […]

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More Education And Money Isn’t Reducing Racism And Depression For Black Men, Study Confirms

Are you a highly educated and relatively wealthy Black man in the U.S.? Studies that we have done and also those by others show that you are at increased risk of discrimination and depression. Our research on the intersection of race and gender in the U.S. shows that while education and income reduce the risk […]

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Just What We Need in a Pandemic: The Walking Cure

Walking, Professor O’Mara believes, “enhances every aspect of our social, psychological and neural functioning.” I’m skeptical of such hyperbole, even as a lifelong lover of walking. Reading the case he makes in his new book, “In Praise of Walking: A New Scientific Exploration,” did not persuade me to sign on to such a sweeping celebration […]

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