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Identity Politics Roil Most Diverse House Democratic Caucus Ever

WASHINGTON — Weeks after Democrats assumed control of the House with the most diverse class ever, the leaders of their campaign arm invited more than a dozen top political consultants to lead a discussion on the message for their fragile majority. Every one of the strategists was white. Five months later, House Democrats are reckoning […]

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Election Rules Are an Obstacle to Cybersecurity of Presidential Campaigns

One year out from the 2020 elections, presidential candidates face legal roadblocks to acquiring the tools and assistance necessary to defend against the cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns that plagued the 2016 presidential campaign. Federal laws prohibit corporations from offering free or discounted cybersecurity services to federal candidates. The same law also blocks political parties from […]

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Insurgent Democrats, Many of Them Women, Worry a New Party Policy Will Block Them

WASHINGTON — A move by House Democratic leaders to thwart party members from mounting primary challenges to incumbents, even in safe Democratic districts, could have the unintended consequence of arresting the party’s shift toward a more female and racially diverse caucus, one of its most striking achievements of the last election. This past week, a […]

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