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The Bahamas’ Big Need Is Tourists, It Says

The first sign that something is amiss at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island comes before even stepping inside: The Bahamian flag perched on the roof is flying at half-staff. The nation’s flags, even the one above the luxury 3,800-room water park and hotel, have been lowered in honor of the 51 people who died […]

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Chicago Man Fraudulently Accrued 42 Million Delta SkyBonus Points, U.S. Says

Where would you go if you had more than 40 million points with an airline? Hawaii 96 times? Seoul 40 times? Federal District Court in Atlanta? Gennady Podolsky, a travel agent based in Chicago, was charged on Wednesday with 12 counts of wire fraud in connection with what prosecutors describe as a 13-month scheme in […]

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The Airport Lounge Is Much Improved, if You Can Squeeze In

The airport lounge ain’t what it used to be. Once seen as quiet retreats for businessmen on expense accounts looking to get some work done, lounges are now trying to serve a variety of purposes and, in the process, have become one more area of competition among the airlines and independent operators. Some lounges are […]

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