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The MZR Roadsports Evolution Datsun 240Z Asks What If A Perfectionist Restomodded A Fairlady

Although the Nissan (or Datsun) 240Z was enormously popular in the U.S., that wasn’t quite the case in the U.K. One small shop in Bradford, though, is looking to give the country’s enthusiasts the attentively restomodded 240Z they richly deserve. MZR Roadsports is a small shop in the North of England that was founded by […]

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50 Years Ago The NHTSA Tried To Make America’s Cars Ugly, But Cars Fought Back

Governments and their agencies love making life hard for automakers in the name of supposedly making life better for the rest of us. There are rules about sound and exhaust emissions, and, of course, laws about safety. And to keep engineers on their toes, those regulations are constantly changing. From this year any new car […]

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