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Do You Know Your Style of Passion?

In general, being involved with something you are harmoniously passionate about predicts higher well-being and greater resilience. Engaging in obsessive passion activities predicts just the opposite. In a recent study with his colleagues, Dr. Vallerand looked at another type of passion — the one between romantic partners. As it turns out, they found couples, too, […]

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Fleabag’s Hot Priest Gave Me Flashbacks to My Early Queer Thirst

Photo courtesy of BBC. Even before I dove into season two of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s dark comedy Fleabag, I wanted to mute the phrase “hot priest” on Twitter. If you haven’t heard by now: A thirst pandemic recently took hold of straight women on social media over the Hot Priest in Fleabag, aka the lead character’s […]

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What I Learned About Loving Again After an Abusive Relationship

But here is the thing that no one talks about, dating again after an abusive relationship is traumatic. Like super traumatic. Every single fear that your ex instilled in you starts exploding to the surface. It is scary and you feel crazy. It makes you feel like maybe it’s you, maybe you are the toxic […]

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