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From the Ashes of Mike Brown Protests, Ella Jones Becomes Ferguson’s 1st Black and 1st Woman Mayor

Ella JonesScreenshot: WTHR On August 9, it will have been six years since Mike Brown’s death. Some six years ago, Ferguson, Mo. became front-page news when white officer Darren Wilson shot and killed an 18-year-old unarmed teen. The stories would be conflicting, the narrative would be familiar and the nation was forced to pick a […]

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Ella Jones: Everything To Know About Ferguson’s First Black Mayor

Source: YouTube / Youtube On Tuesday, Councilwoman Ella Jones made history when she was elected as the first Black mayor of Ferguson, Missouri. She will also serve as the city’s first woman mayor. Jones reached a historic milestone with 54% of the vote over Councilwoman Heather Robinett, who had 46%. “It’s just our time,” Jones, […]

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