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A Dancing Spirit Makes ‘Little Women’ Wild at Heart

Even before the dancing starts, there’s something about the way she runs. Near the beginning of “Little Women,” Saoirse Ronan takes off. Cutting her way through a soberly dressed crowd, she flies across the pavement — blond waves bouncing — her face lit from within by a private smile. Her flapping coat makes it look […]

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Balanchine Turns 116 This Week. His Ballets Never Get Old.

Yes, it’s cold outside. It’s dark. You could just stay at home with a streaming service — I get that, I really do — but there is another option: New York City Ballet’s winter season is like a rare tonic that Gwyneth Paltrow would sell on Goop if she could. There’s something almost dismaying, in […]

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Can a Hip-Hop Dance Show Settle In Off Broadway?

Hip-hop dance is usually consumed in brief bursts, like fireworks exploding in the middle of a music video. And concert dance shows are mostly produced by nonprofit arts organizations for just a few performances. Keone and Mari Madrid are challenging both conventions with “Beyond Babel,” an evening-length hip-hop dance drama that they’ve created and star […]

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