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Orbán to CPAC: You and Me Against the World

Orbán reminded CPAC attendees that their revenge fantasies can operate on a much grander scale: The United States and Europe, according to Orbán, are “the two fronts in the battle being fought for Western civilization.” This is the kind of language you sometimes hear on the right. It’s not shocking, and again, it’s not new—but […]

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Justice For Kyle Dail: Family Demands Dallas PD Release Unedited Video Of Black Man Killed By Police

NewsOne Featured Video Source: screenshot / Twitter Another day, another aggressive arrest of a Black man turned deadly. Last Thursday night, 30-year-old Kyle Dail was shot and killed by a Dallas, Texas, police officer while officers attempted to arrest him on suspicion of drug dealing at an LBJ Food Mart, according to WFAA 8. The […]

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Why Is It On Us To Remain Calm In The Face Of Racism? Black Man Confronts Dillard’s Employee Over Racial Slur

NewsOne Featured Video Source: HUM Images / Getty If I’m being honest, stories about Black people remaining calm in the face of racism just don’t do it for me. To be clear, I’m not mad at Black people for remaining calm—we all have a right to an emotional response of our choosing—it just always seems […]

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