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How to Cycle Up ‘Mount Everest’

As my altimeter clicked past 27,000 feet for the day — into the range of the low oxygen “death zone” on Mount Everest — and my eyes blurred with sweat and sunscreen, a white Ferrari accelerated past me into a curve. I was drunk with fatigue, but the car was real, as I slowly cycled […]

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A Push to Return U.K.’s ‘Motor City’ to Its Cycling Roots

COVENTRY, England — Through leafy suburban streets, then up and over a narrow bridge, the path for cyclists heading north into Coventry seems smooth and easy until it ends abruptly — at a busy four-lane “ring road” with no on ramp. Here, as cars roar by, the choice is stark: Get off your bike and […]

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An Onslaught of Sports Set for August

Though the return of baseball and basketball might make it feel like professional sports are back, there are still plenty of other leagues and events that have remained idle since pausing because of the coronavirus pandemic. But in 31 days, if the virus allows, the sports world will be running near full steam. Here’s a […]

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