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New York’s Subway Boss Quit: Will Your Commute Get Worse?

When Andy Byford was recruited to run the New York City subway, the system was in crisis. Trains broke down routinely. A series of accidents raised safety concerns. Constant delays made riders late for work, meetings and medical appointments. Mr. Byford has been praised for helping reverse the steep decline, driving down major delays and […]

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Andy Byford’s Work Is Not Done

After just two years on the job, New York’s subway chief, Andy Byford, has resigned, ready to move on from an impatient governor whose opinions on how to repair the ailing system often clashed with his own. He is too polite to say as much, stressing in an interview with The Times that the start […]

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How to Fix a $6.1 Billion Budget Hole? Attack Health Care Spending

ALBANY — Facing the worst budgetary crisis since the early days of his decade-long tenure, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Tuesday unveiled plans to seek billions of dollars in savings from what he described as the primary culprit: runaway Medicaid spending. The state’s enormous Medicaid bill is a result of both its size — with […]

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