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Everyone Kept Saying Politics Was Broken. Well?

DES MOINES — The diagnosis can appear unanimous. Bipartisanship? “Broken,” former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. has said. The criminal justice system? “Broken,” Senator Bernie Sanders ruled last year. The grand American bargain? “I know what’s broken,” Senator Elizabeth Warren has promised, “and I know how to fix it.” But what if it’s all […]

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Once Skeptical, Senate Republicans Are All In on Trump

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s control of Senate Republicans is nearly complete. In their almost unanimous vote on Friday to bar new impeachment trial witnesses, they once again raised one of the big questions in Washington over the past three years: Will Senate Republicans ever step in against the president and say enough? Although many Senate […]

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Senate Republicans Are Bathed in Shame

The impeachment trial of Donald John Trump began on Thursday when John Roberts, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, directed all of the senators to stand and raise their right hands. Ever since I can’t get two questions out of my head. The first: How in God’s name — and it was in God’s […]

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