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Catholic Order Paid 2 Black Men a Measly $15,000 to Settle Sex Abuse Claims and Keep It on the Hush

Photo: iStock The Franciscan Friars, a Catholic religious order, not only paid a paltry sum to two black men who’d been abused as children, but made them promise to keep their mouths shut about it. That’s according to an investigative report by the Associated Press, in which La Jarvis Love said the Rev. James G. […]

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A Police Chief Was ‘Concerned’ About How His Department Handled Police Shootings, So He Kept It a Secret

Photo: iStock A Kansas police chief said that he was so concerned that his department was “contaminating” police shooting probes that he took several steps to address the issue, including continuing to employ allegedly corrupt officers, keeping broken policies in place and—most importantly—keeping all of this a secret. According to the Associated Press, newly filed […]

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