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Using Running to Combat Anxiety

Many people do not like running or they do not believe they are capable of becoming a runner. But I think this belief is, in part, rooted in the normal anxiety that is incited when someone first begins running.  Anytime you expose yourself to strenuous exercise, you begin a vigorous exchange of oxygen and carbon […]

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Are senior living communities safe during COVID-19?

Senior Care Communities Were in the News Early On. For a short period in February 2020, the epicenter of the novel (new) corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) nationally, could be found at the Life Care Center, a nursing home in Kirkland, Washington. Since the first resident tested positive for the virus on February 19, it […]

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We will win. We organized a fundraiser to help our doctors!

Every day they wage war on the front lines with a worldwide infection. Please contribute to the fight against the pandemic, subscribe to our resource. Please subscribe. We must unite for the good of our future. We will direct all funds to our doctors. Let’s stop it together. America is united. There are at least […]

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How the Coronavirus Affects People with Health Anxiety

So how does someone with health anxiety cope during this raging fear of Coronavirus? It is not as simple as reminding people to wash their hands, take precautions, report symptoms and limit contact in public. For many with health anxiety, every precaution suggested can be followed and they will still have sleepless nights, worrying they […]

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Coronavirus Anxiety: Social Distancing Helps Stop the Spread

Vox created the handy graphic at the top of this article that demonstrates the limitations of any country’s healthcare system. A country only builds so many hospitals to serve its population, so it has only so much capacity to deal with a serious pandemic as COVID-19 has become. This graphic shows how it’s best to […]

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Psychology Around the Net: February 29, 2020

It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and Health Experts Want to Raise Awareness: We are on the tail end of National Eating Disorders Awareness week (February 24th to March 1st), and clinicians are hoping the exposure increased awareness of these often debilitating illnesses. Eating disorders come in a variety of disguises, from anorexia to obesity […]

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