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Cops ‘Murder’ Black Man In Disabled Car, Civil Rights Lawyer Says

A 19-year-old New Haven, Connecticut man is dead after a State Trooper fired seven shots into his car, newly released camera footage shows. Mubarak Soulemane was shot and killed by State Trooper Brian North after what started as an investigation of a reported carjacking, according to a report from NBC Connecticut. MORE: Police Shootings Ignored […]

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It’s Fish vs. Dams, and the Dams Are Winning

NEWBURGH, N.Y. — For thousands of years, alewives and blueback herring have left the ocean to swim up the Hudson River to any one of scores of tributaries to lay their eggs. But in a more recent era, the fish have been literally hitting a wall as dams popped up all over the region, powering […]

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