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Lawmakers Criticize Migrant Holding Sites in Texas as ‘Toxic’ and ‘Broken’

CLINT, Tex. — Women held in rooms without running water, sleeping bags set up on concrete and children left apart from their families: That was what Democratic lawmakers said they heard about on Monday as they toured two Texas border facilities. Their emotional, and graphic, descriptions came on a day when ProPublica reported the existence […]

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The Immigration Crisis Is Corrupting the Nation

Last year, as part of an effort to carry out President Trump’s promise of “extreme vetting” of visitors to the United States, the Department of Homeland Security began collecting social media account information from millions of people seeking to cross the border. After all, a radical online could be a radical offline. That’s why the […]

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Five Takeaways From the Border Aid Vote

Congress on Thursday approved a $4.6 billion emergency aid package for the southwestern border after Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California capitulated to moderates in her party and withdrew a House amendment with more restrictions and oversight provisions. But the vote exposed a number of realities about the House majority and its relationship with the Senate. […]

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