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If Apple Watch adopts Apple Card’s poor titanium coating, look out

On Tuesday, weeks after the Apple Card began its first and second rounds of prerelease testing, Apple officially began offering its credit card to all U.S. customers — and quietly disclosed a flaw that some people have characterized as ridiculous. “If your titanium Apple Card comes into contact with hard surfaces or materials,” Apple says, “it’s […]

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Micro LED screens will be ready for thinner, brighter 2020 Apple Watch

Though news that Apple was hoping to transition the Apple Watch away from OLED screens to cutting-edge Micro LED displays broke last year, reports differed on the timing. The typically reliable Bloomberg called the screens “a few years” away, while hit-and-miss DigiTimes suggested Micro LED production for Watches could start in 2018 or 2019. Today, […]

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Seeing Red in the Fossil Record

What color was T. Rex? What about triceratops or glyptodon? Until recently, the palette of prehistory was the sole provenance of daydreams, CGI artists or kids with crayons. Advances in imaging technology are bringing us closer to real answers. Over the past decade, we’ve learned that Sinosauropteryx’s tail was striped, and Microraptor’s head was blue-black […]

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