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How a Fruit in Your Garden Gets Its Shiny Blue Color

Big, leafy viburnum bushes have lined yards in the United States and Europe for decades — their domes of blossoms have an understated attractiveness. But once the flowers of the Viburnum tinus plant fade, the shrub makes something unusual: shiny, brilliantly blue fruit. Scientists had noticed that pigments related to those in blueberries exist in […]

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How a Velvet Ant (Which Is a Wasp) Got Its White Fluff

At the foot of certain shrubs in the Mojave Desert, fluffy white motes skitter like tumbleweeds across the sand. Some are fruit: harmless, fuzzy orbs dropped by the creosote bush. Others are white wasps — not that kind — of the species Dasymutilla gloriosa, which have painful stingers and luxuriously silky hair, or setae. The […]

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How Ultra-Black Fish Disappear in the Deepest Seas

Alexander Davis admits that he can be a glutton for punishment. He staked part of his Ph.D. on finding some of the world’s best-camouflaged fishes in the ocean’s deepest depths. These animals are so keen on not being found that they’ve evolved the ability to absorb more than 99.9 percent of the light that hits […]

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