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How AI companies can avoid ethics washing

One of the essential phrases necessary to understand AI in 2019 has to be “ethics washing.” Put simply, ethics washing — also called “ethics theater” — is the practice of fabricating or exaggerating a company’s interest in equitable AI systems that work for everyone. A textbook example for tech giants is when a company promotes […]

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AI Weekly: Highlights from VentureBeat’s AI conference Transform

This week, VentureBeat held its largest AI conference in company history. Front and center were startups tackling compelling challenges as well as executives from the largest AI companies in the ecosystem, like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. With seven stages and over 1,000 people over two days, it’s tough to follow everything that happened, but […]

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Cloudera’s Hilary Mason on how businesses can avoid ruining their own AI projects

An IDC survey of businesses out earlier this week found that for about 1 in 4 enterprises deploying AI today, half of all AI projects will fail. Why they fail can be related to external factors like a lack of talent necessary to properly deploy systems, but sometimes companies implode without the influence of outside […]

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