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How Many Times Does a River Have to Burn Before It Matters?

It was like a game of telephone. In the first whispers, which appeared in local newspapers on June 23, 1969, Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River didn’t burn. A floating oil slick did, for only 25 minutes, damaging a couple of train trestles. In the next telling, which appeared in Time magazine a month later, the heavily polluted […]

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Why America’s Most Famous Flag Burner Is Celebrating This Flag Day

After Cleveland police officers arrested Gregory L. Johnson in 2016 as he burned an American flag outside the Republican National Convention, Mr. Johnson sued the city, saying the officers had violated his First Amendment rights. He should know. The Supreme Court had ruled decades before that flag burning was a protected form of speech. The […]

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Amid Deaths and Violations at Cleveland Jail, Ohio Governor Plans to Increase Oversight

Amid mounting accusations of civil rights violations and unsafe conditions at a Cleveland jail where several inmates have died, Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio announced plans this week to increase state oversight of local jails. In recent months, the problems at the jail, Cuyahoga County Corrections Center, have coalesced into a crisis that has resulted […]

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