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Parents Sue Minnesota School District Saying It Did Nothing to Protect Their Kids From Rampant Racism

Photo: iStock A group of parents have hit their almost lily-white school district with a civil rights lawsuit, charging it turned a blind eye to rampant instances of egregious racist abuse and bullying of their children. According to the Daily Beast, the abusive behavior alleged includes: a 6-year-old black child being punched in the face […]

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Jazmine Headley, Violently Arrested for Sitting on the Floor of a Human Resources Building, Sues New York City

Jazmine Headley, center, joins attorney Brian Neary and her mother, Jacqueline Jenkins, outside a courthouse in Trenton, N.J., on Dec. 12, 2018. Her screams were bloodcurdling. Last December, exhausted after a three-hour wait at the Human Resources Administration (HRA) building in Brooklyn, where she’d gone to address an issue with her childcare benefits, Jazmine Headley […]

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During Police Raid, Chicago Officers Handcuffed an 8-Year-Old Boy, Claiming They Had No Idea He Was a Child

Screenshot: CBS 2 Chicago If Chicago police are to be believed, they simply don’t know what a black 8-year-old boy looks like. That’s the defense the department is giving for why it handcuffed a child during an early morning raid by Chicago Police Department and SWAT on a family home on March 15. The raid—one […]

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