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A Town of Immigrant Farm Workers Says No to an ICE Detention Center

McFARLAND, Calif. — As an undocumented immigrant, Maribel Ramirez does not officially have a say in the affairs of the small agricultural town in California’s Central Valley that she has called home for 20 years. But late into the night on Tuesday, she stood with hundreds of field workers and other residents outside McFarland’s City […]

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Denver Mayor Says Pit Bull Ban Will Stand

The mayor of Denver, voicing concern about the “very real risk” of injury to children, said Friday he would veto a measure passed by the City Council that would have repealed the city’s 30-year ban on pit bulls. The mayor, Michael B. Hancock, said he had received passionate comments from thousands of residents on both […]

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She Pulled Rank to Avoid a $50 Ticket. Now She’ll Pay a $5,000 Fine.

It seemed like a routine traffic stop. An officer from the 44th Precinct in the Bronx pulled over a motorist for talking on her cellphone while driving. The motorist faced a $50 fine and five points on her license if it was a first time violation. But this wasn’t just any motorist. Officer Michele Hernandez […]

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