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Seeing France’s Wild Mountains Through a Clouded, Classic Windshield

In 1878, on something of a whim, the novelist and travel writer Robert Louis Stevenson crossed southern France’s Cévennes mountains, one of the wildest and most sparsely populated parts of the country, in the company of a slow-moving donkey named Modestine. In May, also on something of a whim, my wife and I crossed the […]

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martin hajek imagines citroen’s 2CV as a modern day electric mobile

designer martin hajek has imagined what an electric version of the iconic citroen ‘2CV’ car could look like. the netherlands-based 3D-modeller designed the car to be a contemporary twist on the original design that was first introduced 70 years ago known officially as the citroën 2 chevaux vapeur. all images and artwork © martin hajek […]

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