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Joe Burrow advised to ‘pull an Eli Manning’, could Justin Herbert go No. 1?

For years Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert has been a highly coveted draft prospect, but can he go first overall? It’s not likely but never say never.  The heavy favorite to be selected first overall by the Cincinnati Bengals, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, has recently said he has “leverage” over Cincinnati: “They have their process and I have my […]

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Joe Burrow: You want to go to team that’s “committed to winning Super Bowls”

The plot thickens. Yesterday, former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer said the Bengals aren’t serious about trying to win Super Bowls. Today, word arrived that his brother Jordan Palmer would be handling the pre-draft training of presumptive top overall pick Joe Burrow. Now, Burrow’s using some similar phrasing to the older Palmer brother to describe his […]

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