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Cheese Comes First at This New Paris Bar

When I wake up in the morning, I shower and wash my face with CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser — I’ve been using it for over ten years. It doesn’t leave a tight feeling, which is a real problem for me during the winter, when I get so dry and dehydrated. I’m not superloyal to any […]

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Sahadi’s, the Brooklyn Grocery Store That Feeds Nostalgia

THE FIGS ARE as big as a baby’s fist at Sahadi’s; the dates, plump, juicy and sweet. The venerable Middle Eastern grocery store on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights also sells luscious blocks of halvah and honey-soaked baklava. Coffee beans are still stored in and sold from open barrels in the front of the store, […]

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We Blind Tasted All The American Cheese We Could Find, Here’s The… Least Terrible!

American cheese is something of a contentious issue here in the Uproxx Life Slack chat. Our editor, Steve Bramucci, likes to defend it on the grounds of texture and meltiness, and says he even puts it on ramen. But apparently, I’m an insufferable faux-europhile because I’ve generally thought of it mostly as over-processed, non-cheese trash. […]

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