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Neil Young’s Lonely Quest to Save Music

Neil Young is crankier than a hermit being stung by bees. He hates Spotify. He hates Facebook. He hates Apple. He hates Steve Jobs. He hates what digital technology is doing to music. “I’m only one person standing there going, ‘Hey, this is [expletive] up!’ ” he shouted, ranting away on the porch of his longtime […]

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The Pretty One: With a New Memoir, Writer-Activist Keah Brown Is Redefining Disability on Her Own Terms

Image: Katelyn Schufelt (Simon & Schuster) How do you say the word “disability”? Does it feel shameful or derogatory, or does it roll off of your tongue, matter-of-factly? Writer and disability activist Keah Brown wishes we were all less precious when talking about disability, because while it may be a fact of her life, it’s […]

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