Tag: Central Valley (Calif)

The Peaches Are Sweet, but Growing Them Isn’t

DEL REY, Calif. — When I first visited this tiny farm town to pick peaches, I did not expect to return. Certainly not every summer. Yet in July, here I was again, in triple-degree heat, for the ninth straight year of a pilgrimage with friends to an orchard just south of Fresno, near the geographic […]

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California and Water: Half Environmental Nightmare, Half Remarkable Success Story

THE DREAMT LANDChasing Water and Dust Across CaliforniaBy Mark Arax When delegates to the second International Irrigation Congress convened in Los Angeles in October 1893, pessimism about their mission was not supposed to be on the agenda. The gathering, after all, was meant to encourage reclamation of arid lands throughout the American West, using irrigation […]

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