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‘The Fields Heal Everyone’: Post-Soviet Leaders’ Coronavirus Denial

MOSCOW — The leaders of several former Soviet republics in Central Asia and elsewhere are still denying the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, weeks after most other governments abandoned that approach. In Turkmenistan, ranked worst in the world for press freedom last year by Reporters Without Borders, state media began reporting on the virus only […]

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12 Days on the Most Storied Highway of Them All: The Silk Road

The sky over Tajikistan was a deep deoxygenated blue as we sped through the desolate mountain landscape of the eastern Pamirs. For days we had been driving one of the world’s most treacherous roads, the Pamir Highway, which snakes through the highlands of Tajikistan before turning north toward Kyrgyzstan along the border with China. We […]

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U.S. Faces Tough ‘Great Game’ Against China in Central Asia and Beyond

KHIVA, Uzbekistan — Inside the ancient walls of the Silk Road oasis town of Khiva, China has put down a marker of its geopolitical ambitions. A sign promotes a Chinese aid project to renovate a once-crumbling mosque and a faded madrasa. Outside the town’s northern gate, a billboard-size video screen shows clips of President Shavkat […]

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