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AI Weekly: A growing chorus of experts agrees facial recognition systems must be regulated

On Tuesday, Oakland became the third U.S. city after San Francisco and the Boston suburb of Somerville to ban facial recognition use by local government departments, including its police force. The ordinance adopted by the city council, which was written by Oakland’s Privacy Advisory Commission and sponsored by Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan, prohibits the city and […]

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Homeland Security Committee head seeks greater U.S. role in 5G standards

(Reuters) — A Republican lawmaker on Monday introduced legislation to boost the presence of U.S. firms in global industry standards bodies to combat China’s rising influence in next-generation 5G cellular network technology. The bill, from U.S. Representative Michael McCaul of Texas, presses the secretary of state to boost the “representation and leadership” of the United […]

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Apple, Google, and WhatsApp ask U.K. to kill encrypted message viewing plan

Last November, the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) publicly floated a plan that would require messaging services to silently carbon copy encrypted communications to law enforcement personnel — a “ghost protocol” that would reduce the need for device-specific hacking. Now 47 signatories, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and WhatsApp have published an open letter (via […]

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