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AI helps drones dodge fast-moving objects

Drones capable of autonomous avoidance aren’t novel — DJI’s featured them in its lineup for years. But what about quadcopters that can dodge fast-moving projectiles? That’s what scientists from the University of Maryland and ETH Zurich describe in a newly published paper (“EVDodge: Embodied AI For High-Speed Dodging On A Quadrotor Using Event Cameras“) on […]

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Amazon’s new Prime Air drone promises to deliver packages in under 30 minutes

During a Wednesday keynote address at Amazon’s re:MARS conference in Las Vegas, the Seattle company announced a slew of features for its existing products and previewed new services to come. One of those it touched on was Prime Air: Amazon said that in the coming months, a newly designed, and completely autonomous Prime Air drone […]

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Parrot will prototype combat reconnaissance drones for U.S. military

The Pentagon’s internal startup incubator and the U.S. Army jointly aim to adapt off-the-shelf commercial drones for combat scenarios, and toward that end, they today revealed one of the six companies that’ll supply these drones: Paris-based Parrot. In the coming weeks, as part of the agencies’ ongoing Short Range Reconnaissance (SRR) effort, Parrot will prototype […]

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