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LucidSound’s LS1 and LS10 headsets are solid and affordable

LucidSoud makes some of my favorite headsets. I used its LS40 gaming headset as my all-around headphones for more than a year (until smartphones dropped the headphone jack). Now, I’m rocking its wireless LS50, which is just as great. But those are expensive headsets, and LucidSound wants to compete in a more mass-market and affordable […]

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ModMic USB review — The best-sounding ModMic yet

The ModMic is the ideal microphone for the PC gaming crowd. Why buy a gaming headset when you can build your own and make it better? That’s the pitch for the detachable boom microphone that you can connect to any pair of headphones. Now, ModMic manufacturer Antlion has a new revision that drops the 3.5mm […]

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