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Apple reportedly bought Silk Labs, a maker of privacy-focused AI for devices

Most AI processing for mobile devices is currently handled by cloud servers, enabling companies such as Google and Amazon to monitor users’ requests as they come in. But privacy-focused Apple has been working on ways to build AI directly into its devices and has acquired a small company called Silk Labs to aid its efforts, […]

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Panasonic World’s First Organic 8K Sensor

At Inter Bee 2018, Panasonic is introducing the first camera equipped with an “Organic” 8K sensor (36M pixel, 60 FPS), which should push the light sensitivity and dynamic range farther than existing CMOS sensors. Ubergizmo spotted this technology back in 2013 when the research was first announced, and products should arrive onto the market in […]

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iPhone XS Owners Annoyed with Beauty Filter Effect Applied on Selfies Taken from Front Camera

Apple has made massive improvements to the iPhone XS camera in terms of both hardware and software. While the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max feature a larger sensor with bigger pixels, they also come with an improved processing algorithm for improved details, contrast, and dynamic range. However, a processing change on Apple’s behalf particularly […]

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