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iOS 13 FaceTime ‘correction’ uses ARKit 3 to make eyes look straight ahead

Each new round of Apple’s operating system betas brings small new features that will most likely appear in the final release, and the third developer betas of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 include something highly unusual for Apple — a subtle face-changing feature called FaceTime Attention Correction. Flipping the switch on makes you appear to […]

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Oppo’s Under-Display Camera tech taps ‘highly transparent’ display material and AI algorithms

If you picked up a flagship smartphone with an edge-to-edge display recently, chances are the display has a cut-out or hole-punched portion to accommodate the selfie camera and adjacent sensors. The compromise is made necessary by the limitations of today’s screen and imaging technology, but at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019 this week, Guangdong-based Oppo […]

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Highway monitoring system tracks vehicles using camera data

Keeping tabs on freeway traffic flow is desirable for a whole host of reasons, chiefly because it can shed light on the underlying causes of congestion, road rule violations, and accidents. Unfortunately, traditional techniques rely on a pricey combination of radar, laser, and lidar sensors. That’s why researchers at the University of Swabi in Pakistan, […]

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