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Gabrielle Union Speaks Out About a Lack of Focus on Black Babies’ Unique Skin Care Needs

If you only look at their flawless photos, it’s easy to think that celebrities have it all together. But in a March 15 Instagram post, actress and entrepreneur Gabrielle Union-Wade confirmed that at least when it comes to parenting, celebrities are, in fact, just like us. CC Off English While giving herself a DIY facial […]

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New Book Series Celebrates Why Children of Color Are Magic

Image: Random House Children’s Books Publishing powerhouse Random House Children’s Books is teaming up with Black-owned brand Afro Unicorn® on a series of children’s books designed to celebrate what is unique and magical about children of color. CC Off English The first two books in the series, “A Magical Day” and a Little Golden Book […]

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Minnesota’s Racist State Flag Isn’t The Only One That Could Use a Makeover

Photo: Nicku (Shutterstock) Minnesota lawmakers have proposed a commission to redesign the state flag, according to CBS News. The state representatives and residents have agreed the flag is tainted with racial undertones. This isn’t the first flag found to honor a disgraceful moment in history. CC Off English Rep. Mike Freiberg sponsored a bill on […]

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