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The secret to San Francisco’s famous sourdough: bug poop

It’s easy to get a rise out of a local TV news crew. Especially in a slo-mo state capital like California’s. So it was on September 6, 2007, when KCRA’s LiveCopter 3 hovered over a Sacramento parking lot, at 8:23 a.m., beaming images of a slow-­moving red van, tailed by a black-and-white police cruiser. As […]

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The President’s Former Lawyer, Michael Cohen, Wants His Coins, Sues Trump Organization for $1.9 Million in Legal Fees

Photo: Mark Wilson (Getty Images) The president’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, wants all his bread, all his cheddar, and all his mozzarella so he can make a cheese sandwich before he heads off to the pokey. According to the president’s favorite newspaper, The New York Times, Cohen filed a lawsuit on Thursday against the Trump […]

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This Raccoon Stared a Woman Down While Eating All of Her Bread

Raccoons are the kings of Toronto. They dig up people’s lawns, poop on their porches, take over their attics, and—even after the city spent $31 million on raccoon-proof trashcans—still manage to break into the things. Having successfully outsmarted their human overlords, Toronto’s raccoons seem bored with just picking through trash scraps, and have now brought […]

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