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Fed Votes to Lighten Regulations for All but the Largest Banks

Federal Reserve Board members voted on Thursday to adjust key bank regulations put in place after the financial crisis, enacting a series of changes that one board governor, Lael Brainard, warned could weaken “core safeguards.” Regulators are tying rules more closely to bank size, reducing the necessary level of cash and government bond stockpiles at […]

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Banks Want Efficiency. Critics Warn of Backsliding.

WASHINGTON — A decade after big banks needed government support to dig out of the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve is slowly, but steadily, making a series of regulatory changes that could chip away at new requirements put in place to prevent a repeat of the 2008 meltdown. Some of the changes, seemingly incremental and […]

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Wall Street Asks When, Not if, the Fed Will Cut Interest Rates

The American economy is showing signs of cooling, and Wall Street is counting on Jerome H. Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, to come to the rescue. The big question facing the Fed is when, not whether, to act, as far as investors are concerned. But the Fed faces a tricky balancing act as […]

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