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No More ‘Great White Hopes’: Study Reports Women and Men of Color Are Just as Electable as White Men

Photo: AP Photo (J. Scott Applewhite) It’s a word that trails women and people of color like a stray dog: “electability”—a word that’s become a catch-all code for nebulous concerns that certain candidates just don’t (or can’t) inspire voters to turn out at the polls as much as others. But, as a new study suggests, […]

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The Democratic Party Does a Lousy Job Protecting Black Women

Stephanie Valencia, Karine Jean-Pierre and Kamala Harris speak onstage at the MoveOn Big Ideas Forum at The Warfield Theatre on June 01, 2019 in San Francisco, California.Photo: Miikka Skaffari (Getty Images) “Why are you wearing all black?” I asked my friend, noticing her wearing a long sleeve black shirt, black jeans and black sneakers in […]

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