Tag: Birth Defects

I Shouldn’t Be Forced to Give Birth to a Baby Who Won’t Live

When I was 20 weeks pregnant, I and my husband learned during a routine ultrasound that our baby had not developed a major portion of her brain and never would. The condition, anencephaly, a type of neural tube defect that also stunts the growth of the skull, is terminal. If carried to term, our baby […]

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A Boy Who Had Spinal Surgery in the Womb Stands on His Own Two Feet

ALPINE, Calif. — Charley Royer, 17 months old, has such a swift, strong kick that putting a pair of pants on him can turn into a wrestling match. His mother doesn’t mind. Far from it. “Things that might annoy other parents, I’m so thankful for,” Lexi Royer said. This child, who crawls around the house […]

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