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Douglas Smith, a Star of ‘Big Little Lies,’ Surfs in Queens

Douglas Smith angled his brash yellow board into the wave and rode toward the Far Rockaway shore in Queens, before the crest crumpled into foam and he tumbled into the water. It was a gray Thursday, with Kennedy Airport-bound jets shrieking overhead and skinny clouds spitting rain. Mr. Smith, 33, who plays a modern marine […]

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Review: ‘Big Little Lies’ Adjusts to Big Little Truths

We are living in a golden age of TV series that build to big finishes and then just … stick around. “Barry” and “Killing Eve” continued what might have been stunning limited series with entertaining second seasons that nonetheless labored to spin out their premises. “The Handmaid’s Tale” moved beyond Margaret Atwood’s novel, first audaciously, […]

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