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Access Is Not Inclusion: Meet the Harvard Professor Who Studies Low-Income and Disadvantaged College Students

“Education alone does not erase generations of exclusion, racism that we see in the housing market, that we see in the job market, that we see in the very DNA of this country.” — Professor Anthony Jack, Ph.D. When I was in high school, I was an idealist—especially when it came to my education. “If […]

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Cory Booker Was Once a Foot Soldier for Betsy DeVos

Cory Booker had expected 10,000 people to turn out for the rally in downtown Newark that launched his presidential campaign, but on April 13, against a huge American flag draped across a building high above Military Park, he looked out on just 4,100 supporters. The turnout wasn’t the only thing that felt light that day. […]

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