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Don’t Blame Never Trumpers for the Left’s Defeat

The failure of Bernie Sanders to take control of the Democratic Party in the 2020 primaries was understandably traumatic for the American left. Having rapidly ascended from seeming irrelevance to surging media attention and organizing in just a few years, many democratic socialists convinced themselves that their moment had come. Sanders’s loss to, of all […]

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Bill in Congress would require businesses receive consent before using biometric data

Members of Congress put forward a bill today named the National Biometric Information Privacy Act, which would make it illegal for businesses to collect, purchase, or trade biometric information obtained from customers without permission. This includes face prints used in facial recognition as well as voice prints for AI assistant personalization as well as eye […]

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The Most Corrupt President in American History

Stone’s antics drew intense scrutiny after the election, as investigators probed links between the Trump campaign and Russian meddling. Congressional investigators questioned Stone at length about his direct interactions with WikiLeaks as well as communications through an intermediary. Stone chose to lie multiple times to the House Intelligence Committee about what had happened. He also […]

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