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Those 5 Stages of Grief: Does Mourning Really Unfold Like That?

They found that, with regard to the order in which various reactions peak over time, Kubler-Ross was spot on. She was wrong, though, about the frequency with which the bereaved experience different emotions. The most important conclusion of research on stages of grief, though, is that there is no one way to grieve. Different people […]

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Using Writing to Help Us Process Our Grief

“The pain of missing him was unbearable. The thought of living the rest of my life, years upon years, without him filled me with hopelessness and despair,” Neustadter writes in her new book Love You Like the Sky: Surviving the Suicide of a Beloved. Eight months after John died, Neustadter started sending emails to his […]

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3 Lessons that Gloria Vanderbilt Taught Us About Coping with a Child’s Suicide

The following three insights from Vanderbilt about how to cope with the loss of a child to suicide are worth noting and remembering as a source of strength and consolation to the millions of parents in this country who lose children to suicide each year: Lesson #1: Don’t Be Afraid to Open Up About Your […]

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