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bentley continental GT number 9 limited to 100 hand-built models

in celebration of their centenary year, bentley reveals the ‘ultimate collector’s version of the all-new continental GT‘ at the 2019 geneva motor show. bathed in their renowned colors, the car is heavily influenced by the brand’s motorsport history. only 100 examples of the bentley continental GT number 9 will be hand-built by mulliner. all images […]

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Bentley Claims New Bentayga Speed As ‘World’s Fastest SUV’

Bentley touts the 2019 Bentayga Speed as the fastest production SUV ever to grace planet Earth with its presence. However, the claim is actually a little white lie. The performance Bentayga’s 190 mph top speed technically ties it with the Lamborghini Urus, which also uses the MLBevo platform and is slightly faster to 60 mph. Of course, […]

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Gas-guzzling Former Roommates Poised to Become Eco Rivals

For nearly five decades, Rolls-Royce and Bentley shared the same bed, then lived amicably under the same roof for another 18 years, becoming ever closer to each other due to dwindling shared finances. Then two Germans showed up and they parted ways, forever. While still representing the richly browned upper crust of British motoring, the […]

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