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Beijing Thinks Washington Has ‘Sinister Intentions to Destroy’ Hong Kong

The Chinese government slammed Washington lawmakers’ “sinister intentions to destroy” Hong Kong, claiming the city has no “so-called human rights and democracy issues” and that the U.S. is showing “a naked double standard.” Beijing was reacting to legislation passed on Capitol Hill on Tuesday evening expressing support for the pro-democracy protesters who have taken over […]

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China Called the App Hong Kongers Use to Avoid Tear Gas ‘Poisonous.’ So Apple Removed It.

Apple has removed an app from its Hong Kong app store that residents used to help avoid tear gas hours, after Chinese officials criticized the company. The company claimed it made the decision to remove the HKMap.live app on Thursday because it was being used to “target and ambush police.” But the makers of the […]

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Closing My Curtains for Xi Jinping and His Grand Parade

BEIJING — President Xi Jinping was holding a military parade, and the Chinese police wanted me out. Officer Wang Yong, a veteran of the Beijing security bureau with nervous eyes and amber teeth, came to my door one recent Saturday morning to deliver the news. “Do you know about the National Day celebrations?” he asked. […]

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